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Learning for Life - Cabrillo Beach - 11-8-2008
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cabrillo2008/P1070729.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070724.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070719.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070722.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070716.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070717.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070718.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070715.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070714.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070712.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070709.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070713.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070711.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070710.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070707.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070708.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070698.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070693.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070692.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070691.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070690.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070684.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070686.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070685.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070681.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070671.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070668.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070664.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070663.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070659.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070658.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070657.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070656.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070635.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070600.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070596.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070597.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070595.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070594.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070593.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070590.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070592.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070591.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070588.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070587.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070585.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070583.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070584.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070582.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070581.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070580.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070579.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070578.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070577.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070576.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070575.JPG
cabrillo2008/P1070574.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070573.JPG cabrillo2008/P1070572.JPG

Name15K Time15K GoalMet Goal?Name15K Time15K GoalMet Goal?
Aguilar, Lorena2:06:252 hoursNo by 6Magallon, Albert1:55:561h 55mYes
Alvarez, Gabriela2:09:211h 55 mNo by 14Marlowe, Aaron2:22:302h 15mNo by 7
Alvarez, Marisela2:09:211h 55 mNo by 14Moser, KellyDNR1h 40m
Armenta, Greta2:02:212h 10 mYes by 8Paredes, Violet2:05:402 hoursNo by 5
Bonilla, Jose1:48:281h 35 mNo by 13Perez, Alvaro1:46:282h 13mYes by 27
Bonilla, Luis1:14:161h 5 mNo by 9Ponce, David1:43:241h 35 mNo by 7
Bonilla, Miguel1:48:281h 23mNo by 25Quintana, Yvonne1:35:271h 40 mYes by 5
Castillo, Christina2:07:282h 20mYes by 13Rebollar, Jose1:22:521h 23mYes by 1
Cortes, Cristina2:29:462h 28mNo by 1Reynoso, Daisy2:19:272h 5mNo by 14
Cross, Nicholas2:10:372 hoursNo by 10Rios, Alyssa2:16:572h 5mNo by 11
Echeverria, Sammy2:21:192h 10 mNo by 11Rodriguez, Rosa2:03:532h 6mYes by 3
Espinoza, Jessica2:21:192 hoursNo by 21Salas, Rene1:48:281h 30 mNo by 18
Espinoza, MiguelDNR1h 28 mSalcido, Alan1:28:411h 30 mYes by 2
Estrada, JacquelineDNR2h 10 mSalinas, ErikDNR2h 5m
Estrada, Martin2:06:252 hoursNo by 6Tejeda, Jesus2:16:542h 9mNo by 7
Estrada, Patricia2:11:072h 10 mNo by 1Tirado, Maria1:59:232 hoursYes by 1
Flores, Melody2:01:001 h 50 mNo by 11Valdovinos, Roxana2:19:282h 15mNo by 4
Franco, Sandra1:38:361h 40 mYes by 2Vargas, Margarita1:50:101h 45 mNo by 5
Gonzalez, Daniel1:57:391h 45 mNo by 12Vazquez, Lizeth1:54:292 h 8 mYes by 14
Gonzalez, Steve1:24:161h 20 mNo by 4Vega, Ivette1:49:291h 45 mNo by 4
Hernandez, Carmen2:11:082h 5 mNo by 6Venegas, Yvette1:49:251h 45 mNo by 4
Hernandez, Cristian1:23:191 h 20 mNo by 3Zapata, MauricioDNR1h 14m
Hernandez, Glen1:28:401 h 26 mNo by 2Zaragoza, Mayra1:52:421h 40 mNo by 12
Hernandez, Luis1:31:411h 20 mYes by 7Anderson, Mr.1:31:121h 32 mYes by 1
Huerta, Elizabeth1:57:451h 54 mNo by 3Baez, Mr.1:38:371h 39 mYes by 1
Huerta, James2:10:201h 58mNo by 12Carter, Mr.DNR1h 40 m
Hurtado, Jesus1:27:351h 30 mYes by 3Gant, Ms.1:50:051h 48 mNo by 2
Jaramillo, Beatriz1:59:242h 19mYes by 20McGlaughlin, Ms.1:49:171h 48 mNo by 1 
Jimenez, Efren1:19:481h 26 mYes by 7Mendoza, Mr.DNRon a bike
Layton, Brittany1:23:191h 14mNo by 9Ruelas, Mrs.1:25:311h 26 mYes by 1
Lopez, Marlene1:57:461h 55mNo by 2Ruelas,  Mr.1:20:431h 15 mNo by 5
Macias, Crystal1:35:281h 40 mYes by 5Lucille1:33:44