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What to bring to races and practice
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What to bring to Practice/Races?

How to prepare for Practice?

Clothing : T-shirt or other light shirt appropriate for running. Shorts or sweats only for the bottom. No JEANS


At races you will leave sweats on the bus.

Socks should be thin and as small as possible.

Running shoes are needed. You will receive 2 pairs of shoes (November and February) but you must provide the first pair.


Discuss undergarments with a leader of the same sex. There are issues with running unique to each sex. There is no rule since we will not check for this. Make sure you are wearing appropriate undergarments or you will have problems.


Cell Phone is good to have for emergency but you are not allowed to talk while on a run.

IPOD or other music device is OK but you MUST have the volume low enough you can hear a leader’s voice (and thus a car). If you don’t respond to a leader while on a run you will receive one warning. Second time you lose IPOD privilege. This is for safety reasons only!

Don’t forget your locker combination.

Leaving something valuable in your locker is the same as giving it away ! Leave it home