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Photos from the Event

Some of these times are WAY off! I'm sorry, nothing can be done about this.

15335Erick RasconWilmington CA M159159 46:51.86
25338Pilar RodriguezWilmington CA F244403 49:02.36
35308Jesus DamianWilmington CA M445848 52:47.03
45317Darryl HernandezWilmington CA M4751323 53:20.77
55343Alfredo Santana-CastroWilmington CA M5851908 55:02.48
65302Sebastian BorjaWilmington CA M6532561 56:04.81
75329Adrian MorenoWilmington CA M6573218 56:06.16
85325Robert MelenaWilmington CA M6593877 56:08.28
95333Gabriel PradoWilmington CA M6814558 56:25.18
105319Gerardo Herrera LopezWilmington CA M7265284 57:06.33
115303Jason BorrayoWilmington CA M7566040 57:39.69
125339Josefina RosalesWilmington CA F11907230 1:02:46.49
139166Edith VinalayWilmington CA F11988428 1:02:53.86
145330Natali NavaWilmington CA F12239651 1:03:09.79
155307Manuel CruzWilmington CA M139911050 1:05:24.98
165304Giselle CabreraWilmington CA F151812568 1:06:56.29
175342Jennifer SanchezWilmington CA F156114129 1:07:33.77
185316Miguel GutierrezWilmington CA M163115760 1:08:22.12
195321James HuertaWilmington CA M165217412 1:08:38.97
205313Angel GonzalezWilmington CA M165519067 1:08:40.10
215318Karina HernandezWilmington CA F182420891 1:11:09.50
225336Larry ReyesWilmington CA M198922880 1:13:25.33
235305Karen CanalesWilmington CA F204524925 1:14:22.14
245331Josselyn OrozcoWilmington CA F208327008 1:15:09.53
255334Michael QuinnWilmington CA M213029138 1:15:51.82
265346Isabel SolisWilmington CA F225831396 1:18:35.63
275324Jazmin MacHucaWilmington CA F237133767 1:20:33.76
285320Angel HinojosaWilmington CA M239736164 1:20:58.46
295341Briana SanchezWilmington CA F239838562 1:20:58.99
305306Lilian ChairesWilmington CA F241140973 1:21:13.54
315312Edith GarciaWilmington CA F242143394 1:21:24.62
325300Kenya ArmentaWilmington CA F242745821 1:21:29.34
335311Jazmine EstradaWilmington CA F244148262 1:22:08.01
345310Irene ElizarrarazWilmington CA F251850780 1:23:53.52
355299Sara AlvarezWilmington CA F271353493 1:28:39.28
365322Gabriela JimenezWilmington CA F271456207 1:28:40.32
375326Joseph MendozaWilmington CA M276458971 1:30:01.04
385332Lesly PerezWilmington CA F278361754 1:30:26.55
395328Samantha MontesWilmington CA F278564539 1:30:27.45
405309Arianna DiazWilmington CA F290267441 1:32:34.70
415344Angel SantosWilmington CA M296570406 1:34:24.51
425340Alexis SalgadoWilmington CA M300873414 1:35:29.30
435301Javier BarajasWilmington CA M300976423 1:35:31.30
449200Lizandro CastanedaWilmington CA M308279505 1:37:21.86