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The BFL ran from 2003 to 2005. Due to new responsibilities at school Mr. Mendoza has temporarily discontinued the league but I am sure it will rise again. It started while I was in college, continued at my previous school Johnson and will start up again at Banning. Click the football below for all of the champions of the Mendoza football leagues.

Click the football for the BFL, JFL and CFL.
South Central L.A. - Wilmington - Carbondale, Il

The Champions
Super Bung I - Joe Mendoza   1990
Super Bung II - Steve Dinse    1991
Johnson Bowl I - Edward Perez  1995
Johnson Bowl II - Rene Galicia  1996
Johnson Bowl III - Gregory Washington  1996
Johnson Bowl IV - Miguel Torres   1997
Johnson Bowl V - Darnell Bennett   1997
Johnson Bowl VI - Charlie Thomas   1998
Johnson Bowl VII - David Cheshier   1999
Johnson Bowl VIII - Eustace Tracy   2000
Johnson Bowl IX - BJ Holland   2000
Johnson Bowl X - Angel Cesma   2001
Johnson Bowl XI - Godfrey Sorrels    2001
Johnson Bowl XII - Anthony Hutchinson    2002
Johnson Bowl XIII - Rigoberto Pena    2002
Banning Bowl I - Chris Navarro   2003
Banning Bowl II - Alex Lopez   2003
Banning Bowl III - Oscar Avila    2004
Banning Bowl IV - Gerardo Arre   2005